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Interpreting the Contemplative Journey

If we choose the contemplative journey, we must embrace the courage to revision the abandonment, shame and betrayal perpetrated by those we give permission to hurt us. Our conventional response to infamy from those who enter our hearts is self-diminishment. But the contemplative warrior mourns in a terrain of wisdom rather than victimhood. What is the difference? One lacks the agency to own the coauthoring of what unfolds, and the other embraces bitter sweetness from the emotional elegance gained by placing existential trust in the auspiciousness of our path.

Vulgarity is crumbled by emotional elegance, malevolence is neutralized by courageous nobleness, and attempts to embolden our internal demons are confronted with flaming swords from our existential truth. We are invincible when we face adversity with dignity and triumph with humility. Such is the way of the Drift...

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