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Individuation: A Path to Selfhood

Life is a journey of infinite choices with consequences as potential lessons. But we come from cultural tribes that can wound us in the process of tending our development. For most, rather than malicious intention, our designated cultural editors offer what they deem is in our best interest. Individuation, however, requires discerning what meets our needs to thrive vs tribal compliance at our existential expense.

Progressing beyond tribal constraints requires gratitude for the nourishment we receive during our years of vulnerable development, to avoid the narcissistic claim that we are an island reluctant to credit anyone for our attainments. Individuation involves balancing gratitude for what we learn from our tribe, and freedom from guilt for what we achieve on our own.

The most subtle lesson, however, requires identifying the enforcers we introject to keep us within tribal constraints when we venture beyond the pale. Early on our quest for Selfhood we must recognize the perennial demons and sirens embedded in our mythology so we can confront and defeat these enemies of individuation. Demons feed on our fears, and sirens weaken our resolve to navigate adversity. Dread and hedonism compete with courage and self-discipline.

A path to individuation is not the pursuit of perfection, but rather to discern between friend and foe. Unlike Islands of Loneliness we can bond with coauthors of wellness on our quest for becomingness beyond the pale.

Such is the way of the Drift.

A Path to Selfhood

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