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Eudaemonia: The Terrain for Personal Truth

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Personal truth is not narcissistic imposition of manipulative beliefs on others. It is rather the grounding of self-in-the-world guided by Aristotle's eudaemonia: cultivating pleasure with purpose (noble intention), meaning (existential significance), and service (virtuous action). Conversely, narcissistic truth is self-serving, intolerant, and void of moral compass.

Unfortunately, academia is mostly teaching social constructivism, relativism, and politicizing the social and natural sciences. This corruption of reason and logic is policed and perpetuated by political correctness: modern day Inquisition. Although no longer burned at the stake, dissenters are ostracized, marginalized, and economically punished by the groupthink crowd who claim monopoly of truth and justice.

To find your personal truth, rather than politically correct pontification, identify what you experience in life within the realm of eudaemonia and exclude the cultural dictums that were imposed on you to view a world created to eradicate universal principles of selfhood. The navigational path requires a moral compass to determine when we must rebel from the tyranny of groupthink. Only then, can we return to a theatre of ideas that can be dialogued with reason rather than with the hysterical rage of intolerance.

We flourish when we begin to individuate beyond the cultural pale that seeks collective benefits, excluding personal growth that no longer serves the tribe. But becoming an outlier has a price of banishment that can be devastating without support from subcultures of wellness willing to recognize and confirm our excellence.

Thus, to find your personal truth requires discerning between what you are told you should be, and your own discovery of purpose, meaning and service. When in doubt, ask Socratic questions and embrace Aristotelian eudaemonia.

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