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Embodying Existential Elegance

A term coined by Dr. Mario Martinez to describe a dimension of selfhood that finds pleasure in service, meaning, and purpose. Responds with commitment, honor and loyalty to self when abandoned, shamed, and betrayed by others. Chooses decorum when challenged by a world of vulgar eyes. Determines the rightness of the moment guided by a moral compass when enticed to engage malevolence.

Aristotle argued that hedonism (pleasure driven living) is not enough for a rich life. Instead, he proposed eudaemonia (pleasure in service, meaning and purpose as determinants of joy). Existential elegance engages eudaemonia as the fabric to confront demons and sirens from our past inviting us to self-deprecation, and emotional vampires in our present draining our energy by abusing our empathy and good will.

Existential elegance is a navigational chart to transcend storms of vicissitudes, darkness of disillusionments, and disconnections from our worthiness. Cultivate the gift within you.

Such is the way of the Drift...

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