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A Path for Outliers

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Before mapping the path, I will define the traveler. Statistically, an outlier is found at the tails of standardized curves, and in my biocognitive theory, the outlier is existentially identified as the perennial individualist who rebels against tribal boundaries at the expense of banishment to the prison of nostalgia.

Tribes adhere to collectivist rules, leaving little room for individuating into selfhood. But outliers should leave the tribe with gratitude rather than disdain. Why? Because without tribal nourishment for the first eighteen years of life, there would be no potential outlier to individuate. Paradoxical? Not really. Individuation develops from a collectivist cultural self (cooperation, social bonding, consensual validation), essential to avoid narcissism at best and socio-pathology at worst, toward an individuating embodied self (agency, uniqueness, self-validation, personal boundaries), necessary to explore beyond the pale.

Once the outlier begins the journey, the cultural editors and coauthors that shaped collectivist perception, need to be replaced with self-editing, and new coauthors in subcultures of other outliers who recognize personal excellence and welcome individuality. In other words, validating laudable differences rather than compliant sameness.

More to come...

A Path for Outliers

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